Chervon Spring

Product Description

The chevron spring generally has three plates: upper, middle, and lower. The plates are vulcanized together with rubber in a “V” chevron shape, and are equally spaced. The chevron spring functions as a damper for the primary suspension and is installed between the axle box and bogie.


TMT can design different varieties of chevron springs with different dimensions, installation angles, and mechanical properties.

● We utilize FEA analysis in order to find the optimal metal combining low weight and ability to meet performance requirements.

● Our structural design maximizes service lifetime, which can be more than 10 years.

● TMT's rubber formulation ensures low creep of 15-20% over the lifetime of the product, and we will make a lifetime creep prediction to compensate for the compression of the rubber.

● We evaluate our products through various tests including static test, dynamic test, high and low temperature test, aging test, fatigue test, and creep test.