Gearbox/ Motor Link

Product Description

The Gearbox/ Motor Link assembly is applied in the bogie to fix the position between gearbox/ motor and bogie and usually consists of a metal link and 2 bushings.

Usually, the link is a pressed part, manufactured by forging or cutting metal and the dimensions are designed according to the required strength. The rubber to metal bushings are applied to reduce the vibration of the gearbox. Vertical, longitudinal, and lateral stiffness of the Gearbox/ Motor Link can be adjusted according to design requirements and operating conditions to prevent derailments and ensure stable operation during high speeds. Gearbox/ Motor Links require no maintenance during the entire service life of the product.


TMT has extensive project development experience in gearbox products and various Gearbox/ Motor Links have already been installed worldwide. We are capable of providing different product structures according to the required installation space.