TMT has established a system of energy conservation and emission reduction, which is certified and in accordance with international standards.

In 2012, TMT invested 3.5 million RMB in environmental protection, especially concerning the reduction of workshop noises, exhaust and waste gases, dusts etc. to meet emission standards and create a safe and healthy environment for employees and plants‘ neighboring residents.


For TMT human resource is the foremost resource for our development. The development of human resources and team building are top priorities in TMT. It encourages employees to “live and learn”, “building teamwork, pursuing excellence and self-achievement” and assures employees and the company share achievements. Working relationships are always long-term oriented.

TMT creates a safe and comfortable working environment and harmonious interpersonal atmosphere. In addition, we set up a platform, where employees can develop their potentials, inspire enthusiasm and enhance job satisfaction.

Product Responsibility

TMT also focuses on development and production of sustainable product solutions such as lightweight and water treatment technologies.

The premise behind lightweight technology is to ensure strength and safety, while at the same time reducing weight. TMT uses high performance materials and structure techniques to reduce the overall weight, improve strength and safety and reduce energy consumption.

TMT‘s water treatment technology is used to achieve desalination, brackish water desalination, drinking water purification, waste water purification, water reuse, industrial separation, purification and water enrichment.